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Content Creation

Apart from my artistic pursuits, I hold nearly a decade of marketing and content creation experience. For your next product launch, shop update, or advertising venture - reach out and I'll be happy to help.


PhotoRoom App Promotion

As a designer, I commonly get asked questions on the software that I use for my work. While I hold certifications for several Adobe products, I know that software isn't the easiest to learn or the most accessible for the average person.

PhotoRoom reached out to me with a proposal to promote their tools as an alternative, and my audience loved the app!


Viral TikTok
Content Creator

It all started with a weird little chair I bought off of Facebook Marketplace and a one minute video that I posted to TikTok. 

Since that day, I have gained 19M video views, 1.7M likes, and 75k followers in the span of a month. My engagement rate is an impressive average of 10% with 98.4%  female audience located mainly in the US. 

With a growth rate of nearly 8,000%, it seems the sky is the limit!

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Engage Video Group
Marketing Consulting

Engage Video Group is a recipe video optimization agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. After expanding into the US market with a few key brands, I consulted with them to source voice actors with a variety of American accents to appeal to new audiences. 

This consulting proved to be invaluable to the agency, as I had a keen understanding of the differences in American accents and a sharp eye for sourcing new talent.

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